For as long as I can remember I have loved learning. I always enjoyed school and was particularly enthusiastic about history. This is undoubtedly a result of my upbringing in a family of History and English teachers. My love of learning continued to grow and resulted in my undertaking a Bachelor of Arts at Western Sydney University and it was here that my keen interests in history, historiography, and film studies were brought to the fore. Toward the end of my degree I became increasingly interested in how these three areas intersected with each other and began familiarizing myself with the area of film and history and the questions and debates surrounding this relationship. In 2015, I completed my Bachelor of Arts and graduated with distinction.

From there, I undertook a Master of Research also at WSU. I cultivated this interest in film and history by doing my Masters thesis on film as a means to communicate and interpret history, particularly in relation to the demands of the present. I looked specifically at how depictions of Queen Elizabeth I on screen have changed and adapted depending on changes in gender politics and attitudes towards women, particularly women in power, over the course of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

The relationship between film and history is an area of research that I am lucky enough to be continuing to pursue through a PhD. My doctorate will continue looking at the the relationship of film and television to both the historiography of an event and its relevance to a contemporary situation and audience. I will also be examining the audience’s relationship and engagement with historical films.

My interests and hobbies outside of academia include reading as many novels and seeings as many films as time will allow, occasionally blogging about these, and listening to music.

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